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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Farm Life Never Stops even when you have a party dress on

Farming in heels. 

This weekend the Boy was a usher in our good friends' wedding. It was excited to be a part of their wedding with our big day less than two months away. I have been tweeting and instagramming (yeah I just made that a verb) about us getting two heifers and a bull ready for the Iowa Beef Expo sale.

On Saturday, the Boy and I worked together on the cattle until he had to leave to go put his black and hot pink tux on, while I finished up on the cattle and met him at the church.

This is what I like to call the barn to party dress transformation.

Barn clothes to wedding clothes in an hour. I also smelled much better. 
The dress is from Express (bought last year) and the silver pearls are from my favorite western store in Kansas City, Nigro's

The wedding was wonderful, but we knew at some point we would have to go back to the farm to do night chores. Cattle get hungry and their needs always come before ours. So after supper, and when the first dance was over we slipped out of the wedding. 

Doesn't the Boy look handsome. 

One of my Twitter followers said that the calves are going to expect their feed on silver platters next time. Our wedding photographer also saw this picture, and asked if we could do this for our wedding? The fact is that on our wedding day the calves are still going to need to be fed. So there is a pretty good chance I might be seen in a wedding dress holding a feed bucket! I wouldn't trade life on the farm for anything. 


  1. Too fun - and love your quick transformation

  2. Maybe your MOH will give you the night off and do chores for you.

  3. Love the farm to party transformation! You looked gorgeous!

  4. Love the transformation! You looked great! Can't wait to see the wedding dress/feed bucket pics! Lol!

  5. Love! You look so pretty and I think that's a great idea for your wedding pics! It's so real life for you guys.

  6. I know this game too well! The horses always need to be fed no matter what we are doing too. You did great pulling that off in an hour!

  7. Oh you look great in both outfits. I love the bucket pic it is so true. I had to help carry a new born calf in the dark with my party clothes on they got covered in calf goo. I am kind of glad I did not wear the skirt.
    I love farm life too. Keep up the good work. B

  8. Love this reminder that when growing up, the ONLY time the cattle would get out was either on Sunday morning when we were dressed up and smelling GOOD before heading to church, OR when we were getting ready for a date for a dance.

  9. Great post! Loved the photos. Reminded me of my life - I've undergone this transformation a lot.

  10. Thanks for all your sweet comments!

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