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Monday, May 3, 2010

Luck and fate and stuff like that.

Do you believe. 

Luck - what do you think about? My friends have varying opinions of the subject, and I think it is quite humorous. My friend Cgood is one-of-a-kind. I know you aren't supposed to use the word unique, but my dear readers she is. This year Cgood explained her views on luck to me. According to her everyone only has a finite amount of luck, and every time you say "Good luck" to someone you are giving part of yours away. Cgood is pretty worried about the well drying up eventually, so she is very careful in her distribution of well wishes. For example:

1. If someone wishes her good luck, she may say something in return like - Go get em or have fun. If she would to say good luck back, the good lucks would essentially cancel each other out.

2. If someone wishes an entire group of people good luck, that's almost like bad luck. You have to be selective in your good luck for it mean something. If everyone has good luck, then really no one has good luck.

3. Cgood will make deals with people regarding luck. For example she made a pact with a friend if he was the only one to wish her good luck on her finals, then she would only tell him good luck on his Bar exam.

The funny this as I am telling this story to other friends of mine this weekend they agreed with Cgood! Another friend, we'll call her "Crystal with a K," doesn't believe in fate or destiny, thinks Cgood's viewpoint is legit. "Crystal with a K" beleive she'll decide what she wants to happen and then make it happen. Destiny is just a happy word that you can put on t-shirts and write quotes about. Now that I think about it, I would rather really on my own dedication and skill to get me some where rather than destiny. Geez I have smart friends.

Comments from the crowd?

I also promised Cgood that I would help her solicit some good luck. She is taking law school finals this week, Thursday and Monday. She reads the blog often so feel free to leave some luck here - but only if you have extra to spare.

p.s. Road trip stories from Calf fry will come this week.


  1. As I appreciate you and CGood's image of luck, I personally do not believe in luck. I believe in God's blessing on someone and fate as God's will. So when I say God Bless, others could view it as Good Luck. I do use the term good luck sometimes, but I never say that I am lucky to have received something; I say I am blessed. Just my point of view!! :)

  2. I believe that some people do have more luck than others, but some people just make better choices.

  3. It's real I'm telling you! I'll also save up luck for big events. Like when my brother wrestled at State I wouldn't tell anyone good luck for a couple weeks so I could give him a lot of luck. Also, your lucky items (socks, underwear etc.) only have a certain amount of luck in them so choose wisely when you're going to use it!

  4. Thanks Kelsey! I was hoping I wouldn't be the only one to say I don't really believe in "luck", you might say I believe more in Providence. God's will=fate, we take the more conservative view that ALL thing are under God's control and that nothing happens outside of his will. To me, when I say "good luck" I just am encouraging that person, telling them I'm thinking of them and I want them to do a good job.

  5. I’m still smiling imagining Chelsea hoarding her luck! I agree that lucky charms don’t last forever so it’s a constant goal to discover my latest lucky item. I also believe that luck is a gift that keeps giving…sort of like optimist/happy thoughts. The more you pass along, the more you will be blessed with in the future. So, Chelsea your choice…Go Get em this week…or Good Luck 

  6. I think that CGood's view on luck is preposterous. Honestly,how could luck (even if it is real) be as complicated as a biological system or mathematical function. Answer? It can't because its not real. I'm not sure what basis she is using to come up with this theory, most things that can't be physically seen still have some sort of basis that they draw from (Christianity & Judaism - The Bible, Tooth Fairy - well everyone knows that one is real) but CGood seems to draw this "unique" theory out of thin air. This makes sense though, because I happen to know CGood and also know that she has a wonderfully brilliant mind that could conjure up this novel luck theory. CGood is going to do great on her finals because she studies for 10 hours a day and is super smart.

  7. I am not sure about really believing in good luck, but do believe your actions dictate the things you might consider good luck. I do not believe in bad luck either!!!

  8. I had never heard this idea before....but I'm a little freaked out and may change my vocabulary just in case!

  9. I guess my view on luck is.. the harder I work the luckier I get! I love hearing everyone else's viewpoints. Especially yours DJD.

  10. DJR: I'm not sure I understood your comment but the way I understood it you are putting The Bible at the tooth fairy in the same category (therefore denying both??)

  11. BK- I'm sorry, you might want to download the Adobe Sarcasm Font Viewer for your browser so you wont have trouble next time.


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