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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Calf fry... the Official Countdown has began.

And then the Gods created Calf Fry and all was good in the world.

OK maybe that is an over exaggeration, but this is truly one of my top five events of the year. Calf Fry is held every spring in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I talk about Texas or Red Dirt Country a lot and this event bring together the very best music.

My friends and I have been talking about this event since we were all together for the National Western Stock Show in Denver. We can't wait to take Stillwater by storm, just like last year, and now the day has finally come. As you are reading this I am in my car road-tripping it with Doc, headed south.

But don't worry while I am gone I have a few posts in store. Hopefully, it'll make you feel like you are along for the ride.

This was our group at Calf Fry last year. Yes, a limo picked us up from the trailer park. 

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