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When I started my blog in April of 2009 I had lots of questions, but I knew that blogging would be one of the best ways to tell my story. I choose Blogger because I was already a Gmail girl (you don't have to have Gmail to use Blogger, but they are sister companies) and a lot of the blogs I was reading also used Blogger.

I emailed lots of questions to those Bloggers I respected, and follow the 4-H moto "Learn to Do By Doing." And really it wasn't that hard!

Now I am the one that gets asked lot of questions so here are a few resources I have come up with.

How to get started. 

How to start your #agblog - Part 1

How to start your #agblog - Part 2

How to change your blog, and column widths - this can really improve the design of your blog

How to add pages to your blog

How to get responses to your blog comments 

How to an image (favicon) to your url bar

Google Analytics.

I talk about the importance of using Google Analytics on your blog. Less, than 1 percent of all blog readers will comment on your blog. Google Analytics helps you track how many people are reading your blog, what posts are the most popular and how your readers are finding your blog ( ie. google searches, facebook, twitter, etc.) One of the comments I hear the most is no one is reading my blog! Google Analytics will show you that although people might not be commenting lots are reading.

Below is an awesome step-by-step resource I have passed onto many people

How to Install Google Analytics on Blogger


Myself! If you have questions about Pages, Design, or need encouragement email me and I would be glad to help, or find someone that can help you.

Other resources I like:
How to Guide for Beef Bloggers
SocialMedia Examiner
Five Best Blogging Platforms
AgChat: Which Blogging Service Should I Use


  1. Hey Crystal,
    Got a query about changing the headers?
    I'd kinda like to make my own and customise my page from the standard google one's, what the best way to go about it?

  2. Justin, someone actually made my header for me in photoshop. If you aren't skilled in photoshop as a friend for some help, or upload a simple picture. I find a great what to customize your page is to go with solid colors and then create your own platte. I hope this helps!

  3. hi Crystal, i saw you had someone make the header for you, but how did you put it up there?

    1. I'll work on getting a tutorial done for you so I can show you step by step.

  4. Hey Crystal! I have just started my own blog with Blogger and I'm having some trouble with adding some of the features, hoping you can help!

    Thanks Taylor!


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