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101 in 1001

101 in 1001 was created by the Day Zero Project. The idea is to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days. I did my first list (which is posted below back in 2009). 1001 days seems less intimidating than completing a New's Resolution and I liked the idea of posting the list for everyone to see so I have someone to be accountable to - that's you. Do you have your own 101 in 1001 list? 

The second 101 in 1001 list:
Beginning date: February 29, 2012
Completion Date: November 14, 2015

Second List (The pink goals are the 56 goals I completed)

Highlighted Goals are Completed
1. Go to 3 new states - 3/3 - Hawaii, Florida, North Dakota
2. Keep a journal on our Hawaii trip - didn't happen :(
3. Plan a vacation that doesn't include cows - headed to the Dominican in May! 
4. Go shopping in Chicago
5. Travel out of the country - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
6. Attend a K-State sporting event - went to Iowa State vs K-State game
7. See my sister's new house
8. Travel to New York

9. Visit one of my out of state friends
Out and About

10. Visit a museum
11. Go wine tasting
12. Attend a K-State Alumni event 
13. Go to play or musical
14. Eat at 8 new restaurants - 8/8 - Cu, Leilani's, Wave Pizza, Bourbon Street, R15, Saltlik, Galleria de Paco
15. Go to a concert - AC/DC Chicago
16. Go surfing - did it on our honeymoon
Around the home
17. Make fried pickles
18. Complete 8 Pinterest projects 1/8
19. Fully clean out my car out 2/2
20. Paint our bedroom
21. Try a 10 new recipes 10/10 - mini pies, kabobs, Raspberry Delight, Crock Pot Ravioli, Southwestern Chili Con Queso Pasta, Garlic Cilantro Fries, Pumpkin Muffins, Raspberry Cookies, Meatball Sub Casserole, Spaghetti Casserole
22. Put up Christmas lights
23. Buy a Christmas tree
24. Host a dinner party
25. Hose a murder mystery party
26. Create a photo collage on one of our walls
27. Plant flowers
28. Make a signature drink - Peach Sangria
29. Donate to K-State 3/3
30. Donate to Butler
31. Establish a 3 months emergency savings fund
32. Have a travel fund for going back home to Canada
33. Buy my own camera
34. Go 2 weeks without spending any money of things other than bills, food or gas (can't have Jon buy for me either
35. Save $5 for every goal completed
36. Read Smart Women Finish Rich
37. Buy life insurance
38. Pay off my car
39. Read 5 books 5/5 - Bossypants, Lean In, Duck Dynasty, Laura Bush's Spoken From the Heart, Antelope in the Living Room
40. Log 60 hours in Audible - up to 39.55 hours
41. Teach myself something new
42. Watch 8 videos on the Lean In website
43. Continue to learn more about corn, and document through my blog
44. Write 20 thank you cards 2020 - wedding ones don't count
43. Buy flowers for others 3/3
44. Donate clothes 3/3
45. Make a birthday cake for someone
46. Read devotionals everyday for 30 days
47. Give 3 handmade gifts 1/3 - Instagram books
48. Buy a meal for the next person in line
49. Volunteer in my community
50. Send 3 just because gifts to different people - 1/3
My Network
51. Attend 2 industry conferences 2/2
52. Comment on 25 blogs in one week 1/2
53. Book 8 speaking gigs 6/8
54. Update my blog design
55. Have 2,500 followers on the Crystal Cattle FB page
56. Write 3 guest blogs 1/3
57. Continue to mentor others
58. Have a networking lunch 2/2
59. Participate in a new Twitter chat
60. Do 6 video blogs 0/6
61. Meet 10 social media friends in real life - 10/10
62. Offer to judge at an FFA or 4-H event
63. Blog about Turquoise Thursday for 8 weeks straight
64. Host eight Beauty Swaps - 8/8
Health & Beauty
65. Find a local hairdresser
66. Get to my ideal body weight, and maintain
67. Work out 3 times a week for 2 months
68. Shellac my nails
69. Have a spa day
70. Give up pop for a month (mixed drinks don’t count)
71. Take a yoga class
72. Drink 3 glasses of water everyday for a month
73. Do the 100 sit ups in 30 days plan
74. Golf 18 holes
75. Take a multi-vitamin every day for a month
76. Get my vision checked
77. Watch 3 Disney movies - Wreck it Ralph
78. Post my favorite quotes to my bathroom mirror
79. Take part in a 30 day photo challenge
80. Continue to blog on Jon and I’s personal blog
81. Become a USA resident 
82. Build my photography portfolio
83. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
84. Have a Simmental on the farm 
85. Hang up one of our wedding portraits
86. Make a wedding album
87. Get my work email down to 50 emails
88. Own another pair of boots (you can never have enough)
89. Celebrate our first wedding anniversary
90. Make a 101 list with Jon - working on it. 

91. Post reviews of all our wedding vendors
92. Memorize my social security number
93. Make a year in review video
94. Get my gmail inbox down to 20 emails and keep that way for 2 weeks
95. Skype or Facetime with 4 friends - 4/4
96. Have a garage sale - I found Poshmark instead. 
97. Show cattle at a national show
98. Give 20 updates on my blog - 6/20
99. Take family photo
100. Add one more goal on Jan. 1/15
101. When this list is complete start another one

Start Date: May 11, 2009
End Date: February 7, 2012
The first list (The pink goals are the 66 goals I completed)

1. Go to Australia for the World Simmental Congress, then stay awhile
2. Go to the Kentucky Derby
3. Eat Dinner at 5 new restaurants - 5/5 Chelsea's Kitchen, Phoenix, Vincenzo's, Louisville, Bailey's Pub & Grille, Nashville, Little Rhein, San Antonio, Trostel's Dish, Des Moines, IA
4. Go to an away K-State game - K-State vs. UNL
5. Visit Dana (can't be meeting her in KS, IA or a cattle show)
6. Go to an NHL game (I’ve never been!) - Oilers vs. Flames
7. Go to a baseball game - K-State vs. Nebraska
8. Visit Christie in Bowling Green, KY
9. Go to a show in Vegas (Circ de Soil and Thunder Down Under)
10. Go pick apples - picked some peaches too!
11. Attend Brett’s wedding in Alabama
12. Sleep in a tent - in Iowa at our house
13. Take a wine tasting class - not necessarily a class but went to two wineries and did wine tasting.
14. See a play or musical - Peep Show
15. Take a road trip - Calf Fry 2010
16. Go on vacation with my sister [1/2]
17. Go to San Antonio
18. Go Skiing - In Telluride with the Boy
19. Pay for the next person’s in line meal
20. Give gratitude once a month on my blog - 14
21. Donate clothes that I no longer wear
22. Write handwritten thank-you notes [12/12]
23. Send flowers [3/3]
24. Mail 12 birthday cards On Time! [7/12]
25. Donate to the food bank
26. Make a wish
27. Say I’m sorry
28. Scrapbook junior year
29. Scrapbook senior years
30. Scrapbook 2010 - started
31. Get all my pictures printed off - printed off all of 2010 photos
32. Get one of my prints framed for myself
33. Give a handmade gift - Chocolates for Christmas
34. Organize my photos
35. Take photos of Grandma and Grandpa G’s farm
36. Make a clipping book from all my magazines - caught up
37. Read Smart Women Finish Rich
38. Meet with a financial adviser
39. Have 3 months worth of paychecks in my savings accounts
40. Donate to KSU [2/2]
41. Get a credit card
42. Save $300 a month for 12 months [12/12]
43. Add an additional $500 to my Australia fund
44. Move all my bank accounts to the U.S.
45. Talk with an accountant and get a tax plan
46. Donate to KSU Livestock Judging Team [2/2]
47. Buy a heifer
48. Find out my credit score
49. Inspire Someone
50. Comment on 10 articles regarding the beef industry
51. Say Goodbye
52. Have an active role in the K-State Alumni Assoc. -a now a lifetime member
53. Give an update on my list every two weeks [18/143]
54. Fall in love
55. Add piano bar songs to my iPod
56. Write in my journal for 10 days straight
57. Send out X-mas cards on time [2/2]
58. Mail a secret to Post Secret
59. Buy myself a really nice piece of jewelry
60. Make mom’s raisin cookies
61. Keep my room clean for two weeks
62. Meet three of my new Twitter friends in person [3/3] - Chandis Kottkamp (@ckottkamp) at NWSS, (Anna Aja @Anaaja) at NCBA, Lauren (@laurenscheller) at NCBA
63. Host a dinner party
64. Make my bed everyday for a week
65. Try 10 new recipes [10/10]
66. Go horse back riding
67. Have a MAC makeover [2/3]
68. Clean my car (vacuum, dust, etc) [2/2]
69. Maintain my blog for a year
70. Buy the Sex in the City DVD Collection - getting close to having them all
71. Put $5 in my saving account for each item completed - $330 deposited
72. Start saving for my own camera
73. Take golf lessons
74. Go for a walk five times in one week
75. Golf 18 holes
76. Take a dance lessons again
77. Golf in a tournament
78. Go without pop for 30 days (mixed drinks OK)
79. Go to the dentist
80. Get in the habit of writing down everything I spend money on - the
81. Spend 20 minutes on the Wii Fit for a week
82. Run once a week for a month [2/4]
83. Drink 24 oz. of water every day for a month
84. Do a body cleanse
85. Be able to do the splits again
86. Make a new friend
87. Call five old friends just to chat [5/5]
88. Call my grandparents 12 times in 12 months [12/12]
89. Talk to my sister more often
90. Read three books (looking for suggestions) - 3/3 - Accidental Billionaires, Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea, IF you have to Cry Go Outside
91. Finish my Master’s of Beef Advocacy
92. Read USA Today online everyday for a week
93. Memorize the Lord’s Prayer
94. Attend Church 12 times in 12 months - went twice in August, twice in October, twice in December, once in February, twice in April, once in June, once in July, once in August, twice in November, once in December, once in January, twice in February, once in March
95. Pray - doing lots of it
96. Make a name for myself
97. Book another photo shoot - Jacob's Senior pictures
98. Find a mentor - took the first step
99. Sell one of my pictures and sign it - one done, and two sort ofs
100. Get another cover on the Journal
101. Start another list when this one ends


  1. 66 completed goals is a HUGE accomplishment Crystal!! Congrats ;)

  2. Thanks ladies! I am excited to be working on my second list now.

  3. This is totally awesome! You make the small things that you don't think of as "goals" seem big. Love that!


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