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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where in the world is Crystal Cattle

Did you think I fell off the face of the Earth? Shipped back to Canada? Swallowed by one of the mud holes in our pasture? Nope, I just disappeared from the blog a little because things have been busy!

A made a little 13 day trip to Oklahoma City for the World's Largest Youth Livestock Show. More than 14,000 of lambs, pigs, goats and cows were there being showing by 4-H and FFA members. And no I did not wear these shoes to the barn. However, in-between all that fun at the livestock show I did do go shopping! I can't wait to show you all my finds including these Jessica Simpson Snake-Print Heels. My fashionista friend, Catie and I had to build a whole outfit around these heels! 

While in Oklahoma I also celebrated my 28th birthday. I have some amazing girls friends in Oklahoma that treated me to a birthday night of fun. However, when I got back the boy surprised me and we headed to Dubuque, Iowa, for an overnight trip at Hotel Julien. It was fantastic. I mean when they give you a little banana bread to go after supper I say winning! But that wasn't the end of all the fun. The Boy also had a complete spa morning book for me at Potosa Spa. Best facial I have ever had.

My mom and dad sent this awesome bulb garden from as an Easter/early anniversary gift. I have always wanted to plant some tulips, and this is getting me off the the right start. When the planter arrived the sprouts were just above the dirt. They are now huge, and trust me my thumb is not that green. 

Things have also been busy on the farm. This straw used to contain frozen bull semen, before it was used to artificially inseminate (A.I.) one of our cows named Teardrop (mother of Parker). We are super ovulating the cow to produce multiple eggs. Then the eggs are fertilized by A.I., and on Monday we will flush those eggs out of her ovaries. This is all done by a veterinarian. Those eggs can then be frozen and implanted into other cows. Very similar to when a women who can't get pregnant has some one else carry her baby. Except in our case we are doing these to propagate more desirable genetics from the donor cow. Clear as mud?

Finally, I snuck away last night when the boy was at bowling to buy some fabric for a secret project. I'll show you the finished results later on. I did learn a couple things. 1. I love fabric! 2. It is expensive. I can only image how much is cost to make a quilt. 

I hope you are all doing fantastic. Even though I haven't been blogging I have still been trying to read some of your posts and keep my Facebook and Instagram feeds going. 


  1. Glad you're back- sometimes blogging breaks are necessary! Happy (late) birthday!!

  2. You are truly an inspiration! Happy weekend :)

    1. You are too sweet Lakyn. Hope you have a great weekend too.

  3. I agree with you that fabric is expensive... I'm new to learning that lesson as well! Love the shoes.

  4. Two things - First, I love going to Dubuque and staying at the Hotel Julien and going to the Potosa Spa. Next time you should do a couples massage. My husband's only massage he's ever had was at Potosa and after doing a couples massage there he was open to doing it again. Second, you have to watch for sales on fabric and patterns are expensive too!

    1. Val, we were going to do a couples massage and then one of the gals got sick so the boy said go on without him. Sweet guy. We are only about an hour from Dubuque. Maybe we need to plan a meet up.


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