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Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Inked Up

Some one got a tattoo this week. 

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Do you have a tattoo? Have you considered getting one before? I was this close to getting one a few years ago on a trip to Vegas during the NFR. However, my girlfriend that I took the trip with was scared of needles, and said she just couldn't be in there to hold my hand. I was really going to need someone to hold my hand. And so, to this day I am sans tattoo.

However, some one did get inked up this weekend, and it wasn't the Boy. He is sans tattoo as well. It was a big day for Goblin the bull. He really didn't have a choice, but I think he is happy with his look.

Tattooing is one of the permanent ways that we can I.D. cattle. Branding would be another. We are about to sell Goblin in a sale next week and his tattoo needs to match what is on his registration paper. When he was a calf he got 2Z put in her right ear, however he still needed JJB put in his let ear. It isn't necessary to do them at separately times, that is just how it happened this time.

First you take tattoo ink. FYI this stuff does not come out of clothes, and you have to scrub forever to get it off you hands. But it does its job - prepares the skin for the tattoo and then sets the tattoo. 

This is what the tattoo gun looks like. JJB is what we were putting in Goblin's ear. So after the letters or numbers are in place you slip the cow's ear in-between the slot and clamp down on it. 

See the little holes that the needles leave? The ink then fills these holes. The ink will eventually wear away and behind will be a the tattoo - a bunch of little dots that make the letter JJB. I'm ready to open my tattoo shop. Who's up? 

Oh, and did you catch the winner of the Country Outfitter Gift Card giveaway? Annie Culbertson you and your tweet one yourself a $150 gift card. I'll be in touch soon with all the details. 


  1. This is exactly the same way we tattoo rabbits! Rabbit ear tattoos are a requirement to show the animals on the national show system through American Rabbit Breeders Association. If you want to show any rabbit, it has to be ear tattooed.

    Great post!

    1. Kelly, we also have to tattoo to show. It is cool to know that there are similarities between showing the two species. Make I should have you coach me and the Boy and I will become rabbit showmen.

    2. HA! I'd love to give you rabbit lessons if you'll teach me how to show cattle! It's on my bucket list -- I'd be happy with a county fair show. It'd be like that tacky show "Trading Spouses" only instead of spouses it'd be livestock. And it won't be on TV. So it won't be anything like that at all, actually.

  2. I'm so glad to hear YOU didn't get a tattoo! You are much too pretty just the way you are. My Honey, a seaman for the past 45 years has no tattoos. He said he never got drunk and let it happen. He saved his money and went to school when ashore instead. Very few of the officers with whom he works have tattoos, either. It's just not cool any more.

  3. You're tricky with your titles these days Crystal Blin. I almost thought that was your foot on Facebook. :) Have a great week!

  4. We do this same process with our piglets, except we have about 300 to do at once! That ink is really hard to get off your skin, but eventually it fades!

    1. That is a lot! Someone on my Facebook page said try Tuff Towels from Lowes. They remove the permanent marker, and such, and supposedly work really well.

    2. That's good to know - I'll have to keep that in mind! Thanks!


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