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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cow Cookies

I heart Beef

Now I know I already posted about my weekend full of cattle and flowers, but I had to share this. What would be almost as good as receiving a box of steaks delivered to your office? How about a herd of I Heart Beef cow cookies.

My mom had a box of these wonderful cookies delivered to my office today. Definitely gets the cool mom award. They were awesome. 


  1. Love the cookies! Were they butter cookies?

  2. Well I don't know if I have had butter cookies, but they were similar to a shortbread. Delicious.

  3. these are the BEST LOOKIN COOKIES EVER!!!! I love, love, love them!
    MeM the buddy (:
    Isaiah 41:13

  4. impressive is that??? I am going to try to make some of these! I don't know if they will turn out that good, but what an awesome idea!

  5. Cool mom award is an understatement! I love em!

  6. Would your mom be looking to adopt?

  7. SO CUTE!! Did she make them?

  8. Those are the coolest and I bet they were delicious!


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