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Friday, May 21, 2010

Southwest says no to PETA

Still my favorite airline. 

Although, this Spring I had a few bones to pick with Southwest and one of their employees (read here), I am impressed with their willingness to stand up against PETA. Recently, the radical animal rights groups requested to run a controversial ad, using the sex sells approach. reports that PETA is pro-cow and anti-carnivore. I am sure people will be real thrilled when we release thousands of feedlot animals and open the gates to our pastures so cows can run free and wild, and never end up on our plates. I don't think so.

PETA implies that Veganism is the way to sexy, attractive body. Well I like to think that me and my friends aren't too shabby looking, and we consume our fair share of meat. Maybe it's all that lean protein we are consuming, along with the abundant amounts of Zinc and Iron also found in beef.

Thanks Southwest for standing against this group that is trying to end my livelihood. I'll be flying with you again soon.

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