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Friday, April 16, 2010

Use Twitter to make a difference today

RT = Retweet

Well my Twitter adventure is just over a week old, and I would say so far it has been pretty successful. The people I follow are constantly pointing me towards excellent news sources and social media information. Verdict. I would tell others to give it a try.

But now the important part of my post today. Currently, there is a contest on Twitter sponsored by USA Today. Whenever anyone tweets (that when you type a message) #AmericaWants ________ to receive a full-page ad in USA Today, you are counted towards a total for a non-profit to win that half-page ad. Of course HSUS has rallied the troops and is asking people to fill in that blank with @HSUS. However, I am doing my part and filling in the blank with @FeedingAmerica.

Feeding America is one of the nation's leading hunger-relief charities. Each year they provide food to more than 37 million low-income people. I would say a much better cause than giving a full-page ad to HSUS, an organization that is looking to end animal agriculture.

So this is what you can do. You have one day left - today - to tweet this... #AmericaWants @FeedingAmerica to receive a full-page ad in USA Today.

Be sure to ask all you followers to retweet, and if you don't have Twitter put it in your Facebook status and ask those that do to retweet it.

I know there are many of my readers that have Twitter, and I still need to follow you, so be sure to comment and leave me your name. You can follow me on Twitter @crystalcattle

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