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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zac Brown puts PETA in its place

Grammy winning group eats meat.

The Grammy's Best New Artisti winners, the Zac Brown Band and their No. 1 song, Chicken Fried, is under attack. In a letter last week sent to, PETA requestted that Zac and his band change the menu on their pre-show "eat-and-greets" to something more tofu-friendly. Currently, the menu includes plates of pork, beef and all the fixings. 
"If PETA has its way, the 'Chicken Fried' singers will be hosting an all-vegan edition of their celebrated 'eat and greets' for fans," a rep for PETA wrote to us.

"We're writing today in the hope that you'll extend your love of freedom to animals," PETA continues, addressing the band. "In your song 'Chicken Fried,' you praise the simple pleasures of life -- a cool drink, a home filled with love, enjoying the sunshine -- all pastimes denied to the millions of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals raised for food on factory farms every year."

Well Zac has responded, and it's a win for agriculture! No Carrie Underwood likeness going on here.  Via Twitter the Zac Brown Band posted this.

"Dear PETA -- Plants are living creatures too ... Bacon had a mother, but so did Pickle. It takes life to support life -- welcome to the planet." 

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  1. I love his response! I've loved the Zac Brown Band since I saw them do a very unique rendition of Charlie Daniel's "Devil Went Down to Georgia" (even posted about it on my blog). While I believe everyone has the right to express their opinion, I don't appreciate it when other people try to force their's on me! Like they say in the Hillshire Farms commercials "Go Meat"!

  2. That rocks! Way to go Zac Brown Band!

  3. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing Crystal!

  4. Nice find Crystal. Those fellas rock even more now!

  5. I hate that so many celebs and artists are afraid to pick a side when it comes to something political. Zac picked sides and did it in a civil manner. He even managed to make it a lil humorous. I agree, "Go Meat!"

  6. That is Awesome!! Love those guys even more now!


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