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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Crystal Cattle 2nd Anniversary Beauty Swap

It is finally time for another Beauty Swap. I know many of your have been anxiously waiting. This time I have teamed up with Myla of The Purple Front Door! Myla and I met through blogging, then got to meet face to face at the National Finals Rodeo last year, and we are currently on a trip together in Nashville for the AgChat Conference. 

If you have been following Crystal Cattle for awhile you'll know that I love make-up. And for those that are new I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with wearing lipstick or mascara while working on our farm. The cows certainly don't seem to mind. This month actually marks the SECOND year anniversary of the Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap! 

The Beauty Swaps are an opportunity to meet women from all over the country (we've had some Canadian girls swap too), and get to try out beauty products that we might not necessary buy for ourselves. I am pretty sure stock in EOS lip balm, Benefit Fakeup concealer and Neutrogena make-up removal wipes have all risen since the beginning of our beauty swaps

So how does a Beauty Swap work? Once you have signed up we’ll pair you with another beauty loving blogger (or someone that enjoys Twitter or Instagram). You’ll have a little bit of time to get to know your new social media friend, and then you’ll send each other a gift of beauty products. Sign up for the Beauty Swap will take place November 8- 18, 2015. We'll send out the pairings by November 22. Get to know your partner and then be sure to get your package in the mail by November 30. It is really important to follow these deadlines as we have had a few Beauty Swappers send their packages off and get nothing in return :(

Once you have received your box start testing out your new beauty product. We'll host a link up on December 10. It is fun to link up and read all about everyone else's finds. Here are link ups from Beauty Swap IBeauty Swap IIBeauty Swap IIIBeauty Swap IVBeauty Swap V and Beauty Swap VI.  You don't have to have a blog to participate, but we do ask that you have a social media way to communicate and join in on the fun. Use the hashtag #ccbeautyswap on Twitter or Instagram. Below is a list of a few rules and guidelines that we ask you stick to. 

1. Follow the Crystal Cattle blog and Facebook page, and The Purple Front Door Blog and Facebook page. 
2. Email your partner within 72 hours of receiving your match. If you haven’t heard from your match after three days are up, let Crystal or Myla know and we’ll try and pair you with someone else.
3. Be sure to ask your partner questions about their likes and disklikes, products they like to use, skin tone, preferred colors, etc. or maybe they want to be surprised!
4. Each box should contain a min. of $20 worth of product. Please include one full size item. You may also include samples of products with your one full size item.
5. Items must be new, unless you’ve discussed this with your partner. (Perhaps she loves purple nail polish and you have bottle you know you won’t use anymore.)
6. Packages must be shipped by November 30. If possible it is a good idea to get a tracking number incase something gets lost.
7. Once you receive your package create a post revealing what you received and link up with us on December 10.
8. Since it is almost Christmas consider including your favorite Christmas treat or recipe!
9. If you do not follow the rules you may forfeit you right to participate in future Beauty Swaps. Crystal Cattle has the right to refuse participation for any reason.
10. Understand that unfortunately sometimes you may send a package and get nothing in return. This is out of our control and a risk you take. 

To sign up click here!

And if you need some ideas of what past Beauty Swap packages have looked like check out the Beauty Swap Pinterest page

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turquoise Girl Boss is the Best Kind of Boss

I am not a coffee drinker. I actually don't even like the smell of it. I am a chi tea girl though, and thanks to my Keurig is doesn't matter that our nearest Starbucks in the next town over. 

Recently, I came across the Etsy store Sweet Water Decor and I am in love with their mugs. 

Who wouldn't want one of these cheery cups to get your through the work day or maybe warm you up after outside working on the farm. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Honor A Farmer, Play a Music Video

One of my KEEP Collective
arm parties
Now you might not think of farmers begin the centerpiece of a music video but recently I stumbled on such a thing. Nowadays there are all kinds of farmers. Marketing buzz words, political issues and a disconnect between the consumer and farmers has created a fair share of challenges. I don't think there is a day that passes that I don't see some sort of attack on farmers. There are big and small, organic and GMO, those that use antibiotics and those that don't, there are all kinds of farmers and we all choose the best path for our farms and families. This leads me to our WHY.

All farmers have their why. My WHY is this is my passion. I am in love, obsessed, infatuated with agriculture. I simply love being on a farm. I love raising our cattle. And I love that this way of life is also our business and my career.

Check out this awesome video from seventh farm family The Henningsens and if you love it click here. The Why I Farm movement is working to honor farmers and wants CMT and GAC to add it to their music airways.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Top 5 Must Have MAC Make-up Products

Recently, a friend of mine reached out because she was making her first trip to a MAC make-up store. There really is nothing better than all those beautiful little black boxes and vivid rows of eyeshadows. She wanted to know what my favorite products were, and that got me thinking. Even though I have mentioned some of my favorite products here, here and in Beauty Swap posts I had never wrote a blog post on my absolute favorites. So here we go!

1. Prep + Prime Skin - This is one of my all time favorite MAC products. I can't count how many times I have reordered this product that I have been using since high school. Primer is one of the most important parts of make-up. It protects your skin, smooths out any fine lines or imperfections and helps keep your make-up in place. I've tired the MAC Prep + Prime with an SPF in it and I don't like it as much. I have also tried the Prep + Prime Natural Radiance and I still love this original formula.

2. Fluidline - This is my go to eyeliner. It is a creamy formula that you apply with a eyeliner brush. If you want your eyeliner to stay put all day this is the product for you. I like both the Blacktrack for black, and Dipdown for brown.

3. Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Unlimited - This is my favorite lipstick EVER. I am pretty sure I will be 90 years old and still wearing this lipstick. The color in the picture I don't think is very accurate. If you've seen any of my Instagram or Facebook pictures it is the rose pinky color I often have on. This lipstick literately lasts all day, but has a super creamy formula. I like a lot of other MAC lipsticks, but don't wear them too often because they don't have the staying power of the Pro Longwear formula.

4. Powder Blush: MAC's blushes were one of the first MAC products I wore. I love the staying power of their blushes, and they last forever. I am pretty sure I have had this current one called Melba for almost two years and there is still a ton of product left.

5. Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly - This is another product that I wear religiously. MAC has a eyelid primer but I prefer the Paint Pot. The Paint Pots are actually a cream eye shadow. However, since Painterly is so neutral it is the perfect base for my eye shadow. It covers the red in my skin, allows my eyeshadow color to be truer and keeps my eye shadow in place all day. On days that I don't want to do my whole make-up I'll just apply a little of this product with my finger tip, and throw on my eyeliner and/or mascara. Again, this little pot will also last forever!

So what didn't make the list? I love all the MAC eyeshadows so it is really hard for me to choose a favorite. Your best bet it to go to a store and try them on. The make-up artist will likely suggest 3-4 to  wear together. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with MAC mascaras. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them and find other brand to wear. I had been a long time lover of MAC's foundations, but recently I've been wearing a NARs foundation. Do you wear MAC? What are some of your favorite products
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