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Thursday, August 14, 2014

101 in 1001 Summer Update

After reading my friend Brandi's (Buzzard's Beat101 in 1001 goal update I got looking at my own list and decided it was time for an update. I was pretty excited to get a few more things knocked off my list this summer and I am working towards getting a few more.

5. Travel outside the country (can't be Canada)
Although, we did take a whirlwind trip back home to Alberta in July, the big out of country trip was to Punta Cana in May. It was awesome. Two of our best friends get engaged while we were down there. We've been in on the secret since last fall and I got to play sneaky photographer to capture the engagement. I don't think I have ever shook that bad while taking a photo!

The vacation was the perfect escape before a busy summer. We loved the Dominican and would definitely go back. We stayed at the Melia Caribe Tropical and it was fantastic. Not too crowded, the staff was so nice, food was good, and the setting was beautiful.

19. I fully cleaned out my car and the boy's Jeep, not sure how long it stayed that way!

27. I planted flowers and herbs in my cinder block planter. They have only died about three times this summer do to me not watering them. These little pink flowers are awesome because no matter how hard I have tried to kill them they still have survived!

39. I have completed reading five books. Since I discovered that I like listening to audiobooks this has become much easier. The last book was Antelope in the Living Room and it was awesome. So funny and lots of truth in this book. The Rural Housewives Book Club is just starting to read this book and I would definitely recommend it. 

15. Go to a concert - I am really excited to get this one crossed off. We are going to see the Zac Brown band in Chicago in September as a 30th birthday present to the boy. It has been such a long time since I have been to a concert and the fact that it is at Wrigley Field makes it that much more exciting. Now I need to figure out what I am going to wear! 

Do you have a 101 in 1001 list? If so comment with a link below I would love to read what goals you have accomplished or are working towards. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer Beauty Loves

This summer I have been trying some new finds. I think if I had to narrow the list down to only four awesome products these would be the ones I would choose.

1. This summer I cut my hair short and although it is way thicker I still need help in the volume department. I love this new Dry Bar Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse. I originally bought this in a three pack with the Dry Bar Hairspray and Dry Shampoo. Loved the mousse, really disliked the other two products. I am now on my second bottle of the Southern Belle Mousse and I think I have convinced several other friends to give it a try too. 

2. I LOVE Benefit's Fake Up Concealer. The outer layer is like a chapstick that moisturizes, thus leaving the concealer creamy. This concealer won't crease or settle into fine lines. It comes in three shades and the light is a perfect match for me. 

3. I finally started taking a multi vitamin again and I can tell a difference. I really don't like vitamins, but I love gummies, making these One A Day vitamins perfect. I can tell a big difference in how fast my nails and hair grows. 

4. I received this Deep Down Detox Mud Mask in one of my Beauty Swap packages. I try to use it once a week and I think my skin looks healthier, brighter and it feels firmer. Plus, at $5 you can't beat the price. 

Speaking of the Beauty Swap, I think we'll get one going here in a few weeks so start watching the blog again for details. What have been a few of your favorite beauty products this summer? Do you have any old standbys or have your found some new favorites. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Farmer's Market to Immigration Office

Last week, was certainly a diverse week for me, but I also go to see some of my favorite people and do some of my favorite things.

I spent to morning working on marketing plans for livestock nutrition specifically goats and sheep in Tennessee and Kentucky and the afternoon was spent getting my picture take and finger prints done for a new permanent residency (green) card. I am pretty sure I got all the cow poop off my boots before I went in for my appointment! For those that don't know I am actually a Canadian living in the U.S., and now a permanent resident. And if you haven't seen/heard I chopped my hair off and I am loving it. 

I got to check out the new gain bin that the Boy's family put up. This bin will hold 175,000 bushels of corn. Which is huge! The biggest bin we had before this only held 60,000 bushels. In 2013, Iowa corn growers grew an average of 165 bushels per acre. Nationally, the average is 158.8 bushels per acre. (Source: USDA January 2014) Harvest will start this fall and hopefully this thing is full! 

I also spent a lot of time working on the heifers that we'll be taking to the Iowa State Fair. This heifer is named Sweet Emotion. She was born the beginning of January. Of course a morning in the barn requires a Chai Tea Latte courtesy of my Keurig.

Sweet corn is officially in season in Northeast Iowa so that meant a trip to the farmers market. I also couldn't pass up on these homemade pickles. We are very fortunate to have a large Amish community just north of our town and you can get all kinds of great baked good and canning from them. 

I missed my blogging friends this summer, and hopefully you have still been able to keep up with me on my Facebook page and Instagram account. But sometimes you can't fit everything into 140 characters or so. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life on the Farm: A Week of Instagram

What a week it has been. We had six consecutive days of rain and that meant no planting could happen in our part of Iowa. However, that did mean major progress on our basement renovations and a start on the guest bedroom update.

Last Thursday we made a trip over to Cedar Falls, IA to watch the Farmland movie. It was awesome. Make sure you check out the Farmland website to see if the movie is playing near you. The movie is also supposed to be coming out on DVD this summer. One of the highlights of the night was meeting my Instagram/blogger friend Nicole aka Farm Girl Chaos. She is an amazing dessert baker, junk lover and awesome farm girl. She made the Boy and I these awesome keychains

After peeling what seemed liked a million glow in the dark stars off the ceiling of our guest bedroom, I then primer the walls and started testing neutral paint colors. I pretty much have no idea what I want because the floors are currently getting refurnished a darker color and I know one day these room will serve a different purpose (dare a nursery in the far distance future). Why is picking a color so hard? 

Our last calf was finally born, and it was another heifer calf. We have way more heifers than bulls this year. It is so fun to watch all of the calves growing like weeds right now. This little girl looks itty bitty next to our January heifer calves, but she'll grow fast. 

Remember when I said is had been raining non-stop, well on Sunday it stopped! Therefor, planting corn and soybeans has resumed. And that means the Boy and I are pretty much on exact opposite schedules again. He gets in the tractor between 8 and 10 p.m. every night and then gets home at 8 a.m. and goes to bed while I am starting my work day. This has been going on for the past three days, and will continue until either it rains or they finish planting. If you are on Twitter or Instagram follow #plant14 for a lot of cool updates and photos.  

How has your week been? Have you noticed more tractors in your area or is your family enjoying the green grass and slightly warmer temperature? 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Beauty Swap: Spring Link Up

I was so excited to see a lot of "old friends" and new faces in our Spring Beauty Swap. It was fun having Taysha of Dirt Road Charm host with me since we are both make-up specifically MAC lovers. For those of you wondering what a Beauty Swap is check out this link and then watch my blog and Crystal Cattle Facebook page for the announcement of when the next swap will be.

I was paired up with Lauren. Lauren and I met many years ago at the National Cattlemen's Beef Convention. Although, we haven't been able to cross paths face to face again, we stay in touch via social media. I loved what Lauren sent me!

Lauren definitely gets big points for presentation. She has gorgeous handwriting/calligraphy. I'll explain a little more about the "sparkle box" in a minute.

In just over a week the Boy and I are going to the Dominican Republic with some friends, so Lauren kept that in mind. 

1. Moroccan Oil - I have actually used Moroccan Oil before and love it. Lauren't timing was perfect because I am almost out. My sister first introduced me to this product. She and I have really fine hair and one day I noticed how soft her hair was, and asked her secret. She told me Moroccan Oil. I was pretty skeptical that an oil would work on my fine hair, but it does. You only need a tiny amount, think dime size or less and then you work this through you hair, while it is wet, starting at mid shaft to the ends. My hair is softer, less frizzy and I think takes less time to blow dry when I use this product. I also love the Moroccan Oil brand hairspray. 

2. Too Faced Beauty Balm - On a recent trip to Sephora I had tired this product, but hadn't purchased yet so I was so excited when Lauren included this beauty balm. She too was introduced to it via a previous Beauty Swap partner. It is perfect for those days that I want some coverage, but not wanting to apply foundation. Plus, it is SPF 30, which will be perfect for vacation. I have used the MAC Beauty Balm in the past, and I like how it wears, but there isn't one light enough for my fair completion. The Too Faced Snow Glow is perfect for me. 

3. Aquaphor Lip Repair - Lauren lives in Arizona and said this is her favorite SPF lip balm. No one likes chapped or worse burnt lips so I am excited to use this product. 

4. MAC Patent Lip Polish - I love this lipstick! It definitely has color, but feels kind of like a gloss, but has more staying power than a gloss. Make sense, lol? The color is Fearless and is the perfect pink shade, not hot pink, but not baby pink either. I recently, feature this lipstick in my Spring Five Favorites.

Now onto the sparkle box. This box was started by Erin Worrel, passed onto Melanie Acklin and then to Lauren. Now, it is in my possession. Each of their names and the date is wrote on the inside of the box. My next Beauty Swap partner will receive this box! 

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